Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the CourseMate Golf Club App?
CourseMate app is a powerful, yet simple to use, golf operating solution that gives you direct access to engage your golfing community. It does 3 essential things:

1) Centralises your club's communications
2) Centralises both member's and booking systems (plus any other online systems) into one easy to access place
3) Provides a sales and marketing tool for both private and open clubs to give you 100% targeted solution to increase engagement and spend per golfer

We also design it bespoke to your venue, it is also a handicap enhancing tool for your golfer out in the course plus it has the ability to effortlessly grow your marketing database.
2Why would I need CourseMate when I have a mobile website?
May I ask a question? Can your website send notifications directly to your member’s phones, letting them know of course conditions, latest news update or an upcoming promotion? How about collecting visitors names and add them to your marketing database? Or helping your golfers out on the course with GPS course guides and scorecards?


But your CourseMate app can.

Websites are great for initially attracting your visitors, and work well hand in hand with our app. However as you can tell, websites have a number of limitations when it comes to making you and your golfer’s lives that little bit easier.

A simple example of making your members lives easier is that they will not have to scroll up/down or hunt pages for booking links or member’s login - with CourseMate it is all centralised in one convenient place – and no need to get your members to have 2 or 3 different apps!

For more detailed information about how your club app goes beyond a website have a look here.
3What control do I have over the content of my app?
The CourseMate Manager content management system (or CMS as it is commonly known) allows your golf club to add events and promotions directly to the app with unlimited push notifications that are linked to each event or promotion giving your golfers the latest, up-to-date offers and information. You can also set tournaments here with live scoring.
4What kind of download/uptake from membership should I expect?
Due to its ease of use and how convenient it is for them to use, all of our clubs see a very high uptake of their club’s CourseMate app with most clubs see over 80% download rate from their members with retention rates way beyond the industry average.

Because it is designed especially for your venue, it is an app they both use regularly and are proud of. This in turn will provide you with lots of compliments on a job well done.

Don’t just take our word for it; the performance statistics speak for themselves:
5Can I add more than one members and/or booking system?
Golfer convenience is central to any great app. Therefore we have made it so easy for your members and visitors to book on ALL your member and visitor systems in one convenient place – from member’s accounts to visitor booking to pro booking & online shop to restaurant and hotel reservations!

Thereby ensuring you do not miss out on revenue generating options and your members get to keep all the benefits your current systems give them.

CourseMate capabilities also includes giving access to systems like HDID, Master Scoreboard, Golf Genius and many more, allowing your golfers to book directly into tournaments and Club Opens, etc. To find out how your current system looks running within CourseMate click here.
6My venue is more than golf. Is it suitable for me?
Absolutely! Whilst some of our venues focus is entirely golf others provide a vast array of different services, all of which we can create your app to suit your venue's needs.

We can also add in the booking links or timetables for these sections of your venue too making very convenient and easy for your members/visitors to book.
7How can CourseMate help to grow my marketing database?
As well as having built-in analytics that give you valuable insights into app usage, broken down by section, time of day and other important usage statistics, CourseMate gathers information about members and visitors, which can be added to your email marketing database.
8I have multiple golf courses - can I have more than one course in my app?
Yes, many of our venues have 27 holes or more. We can also put them into their combinations for you too allowing maximum flexibility and golfer convenience.
9What kind of design can I expect?
One of the many reasons that our clubs choose us is because they didn’t want a boring generic app, but one designed especially for them which means our design studio will create your app screens to suit your venue.

The three most popular styles are:

1) Reflecting your club's website
2) Selecting stunning Images of your course
3) Full club brand colours throughout

To see samples of how these 3 popular choices look click here.
10Can I include sponsors in the app?
Yes you can! For venues that are looking to add in one or two key sponsors we have the perfect place for them within the Promotion section of your app.

In this section you effectively are able to give them their own advertising space complete with images, information, direct dial, email and website URL. You can even offer to send periodical push notifications directly linked to their promotion to raise awareness for them.

The best part of it all is that it only takes moments for your to set up and unlike signage, doesn't cost you anything!

For those prestige sponsors, we can also create their very own page, like we have done for BMW, allowing your sponsor maximum flexibility and exposure.

Note we do NOT have any pop up advertising within the app.
11My main language isn't English, can I get an app designed in my native language?
Yes you can. If your language is found on the computer keyboard, then we can create it for you.

A number of our overseas clients have 2 apps created for them. A visitor one in English and a member’s one created in their home language.

We do not use a third party to do this but work with you to ensure that local dialect is correct for you and your club.
12How long does it take to build the CourseMate app?
Over the years we have perfected our system to ensure you get the perfect app for your club in a timely manner.

From design studio to app development suite we carefully design, build and add your content keeping you informed every step of the way; getting your approval at key intervals before we upload your app to the stores on your behalf. This process takes approx. 8-12 weeks.

However, we understand sometimes you need your app to be launched ASAP. For cases like this, we work with you to achieve the target date you require.
13What after sales support do I get?
The great news is that because they are native apps they are very stable, this means that they will not keep crashing on you and causing you problems.

Also because we have one of the most simplest backend management systems and provide one-to-one training on how to get the most out of your app you will have very little need to every call us for something not working!

However, we are all about building relationships with you to ensure your club gets the very best out of your CourseMate app which means your app comes with an experienced team member that knows how optimise your objectives and will help you to achieve this.

See our question regarding onboarding of members for more details
14What help do you provide to help onboard members and/or visitors?
Once your app is ready, your account manager will book in a time with you/your team to do a full handover (training) that includes giving you advice on best practises for your own objectives (as you know members only clubs and golf resorts have two very different styles and clientele!).

We also create a personalised member’s handbook, how-to guides and provide digital assets for your website and other promotional materials. For UK clients we provide a roller banner and a digital version for our overseas clients.

These combinations together has resulted in member download rates over 80% in many clubs and high uptake in clubs that value visitor download numbers.

It doesn’t end there; once your CourseMate is up and running we continue to provide you with useful ideas, insights and quick tips.

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