Selecting Your Style


For clubs the care about their brand reputation and want to give their golfers an app to be truly proud of. We are the only company that will design all your screens individually to ensure you get the app you desire.


Style 1

Reflecting Your Club's Website

Wish to have complete continuity of your brand from print to digital to web? With us it is easy. You can have the perfect match.


Style 2

Selecting Stunning Images Of Your Course

Your course is stunning and unique; a symbol of your greatness. Why not have your app designed showcasing the very best of your venue?


Style 3

Full Club Brand Colours Throughout

Have strong brand colours and images? With our corporate design background we can carry that through for you and make a masterpiece.

"CourseMate has done such a good job of matching our brand that many of the members did not realise that when they logged onto their accounts via our app, or looked at the newsfeed tab, they were now browsing our website”

Stuart Leach, Secretary Manager, Formby Golf Club

(Style 1 - Matching Website Branding)

Which Style Do You Prefer?


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